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Is Getting a Tooth Extracted Painful?

Nobody enjoys sitting through a tooth extraction. It is not something you would put at the top of your “most wanted” list of experiences of the past year. But those who have not had such an experience may be curious about whether or not it hurts to have your tooth pulled out.

The answer is that it will hurt, when your extraction is complete. When you get a tooth extraction aftercare shorewood, your dentist is going to give you local anesthesia.

You will be injected with anesthesia so that you are entirely numb in that part of your body when the extraction is meant to begin. You will not feel anything as the dentist works, except for a little bit of a tug when they take your tooth out. You will be amazed your tooth came out and you had no idea.

The reason why you will not feel anything is because the anesthesia blocks your nerve endings. That does not mean you will not feel any pain in the future, but it does mean you are pain free while the dentist is working.

Within a couple of hours of the procedure finishing, your anesthesia will wear off. It is why you should make plans to get home as soon as possible. Ideally, you should have someone drive you or take an Uber.

Make sure you have prepared some food that you can eat afterward. You will be hungry, but you cannot chew and you also have to make sure you will feel like eating those things when you are in pain.

tooth extraction aftercare shorewood

Some good foods include soups, smoothies and ice cream that is not too cold. You can also look into very soft foods like applesauce or jello, as they are staple foods after medical procedures.

Within two hours of your procedure is when the pain from a tooth extraction really begins!