Month: March 2021

Janitorial vs. Cleaning Services – Is There a Difference?

When you decide that it is time for some help in cleaning up your home or office space, you might begin to hit the internet and search for professionals who can help make it happen. During your search, you will probably find listings for businesses for janitorial services in San Diego, CA as well as for cleaning services. What are the differences?

There are actually a few distinctions between the two that you should know about so you will know what services you will be getting if you hire one or the other. You can easily get yourself acquainted with these simple differences before you plan on hiring some help by checking out some of the following points.

janitorial services in San Diego, CA

Janitorial services involve everyday cleaning jobs that might normally occur around a home or business. These can include things like sweeping up the floors, doing a thorough mopping job, dealing with trash, and other cleaning tasks that might normally happen every day or several times a week.

Commercial cleaning services, on the other hand, offer help with jobs that need done every few months. These include things like deep cleaning of the carpet, floor waxing, and other jobs that you might only have done once every few months or even a few times a year. These services are meant for businesses who might not have a dedicated cleaning staff on hand to handle some of these larger cleaning jobs.

Which one is the best option for you? Well, if you are needing a hand with some bigger jobs that you haven’t been able to get around to yet, like deep cleaning, you’d be best served by getting in touch with commercial cleaning assistance. However, if you need help with some simple tasks a few times a week, then you will want to contact a local janitor company who will help you with whatever you need done to get your home or office spic and span.